#BlackWomenInConstruction is a safe space for those evolving in knowledge and experience in construction.

Our goal is to provide job resources, networking opportunities, career consulting, mental health resources and more to help people navigate in construction

Black Women in Construction

Over 1,000,000 women are currently working in the Construction industry as of February 2024. Surpassing million women in construction is the highest ever recorded 🎉 Thank you to the amazing people changing the trades industry.

INTERVIEW: Life of a plumbing instructor

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Representation Matters

#BlackWomenInConstruction platforms allows people to be themselves and not have to suppress their personality to fit the “mold” of what a construction worker is thought to look or act like. #BlackWomenInConstruction is welcoming of all races, nationalities, genders or titles. We strive to be a safe space for everyone in the industry including those working in designs, the trades, architecture, real estate and all aspects of construction. Being authentic and real makes us different. We discuss an array of taboo topics, and mainstream topics like mental health, how to negotiate for a raise, or balancing home & life, while working in a demanding occupation. We speak the truth about working in construction. We advocate for the person who is afraid to stand up and speak

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