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Black Women in Construction

Interview with the Greats by Catrina Alexandre  

Live Interviews from #BlackWomenInConstuction with industry leaders who are changing the Construction, real estate and  STEM industry for the better

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Life as a Plumbing Instructor 

Interview by Catrina Alexandre  w/ Marcus Brown
Great Teachers are important.  Especially, when they are building the foundation of future leaders of the world. Thank you to @mrbrownplumbingtech for dropping knowledge about construction kids in the #Philadelphia area.  He's teaching kids about construction, trades & life.
Mr.Brown bio: My role as an educator goes beyond teaching skills; I often see myself in my students, understanding their struggles and the burdens they bear. I view it as my duty to lighten their load, encourage them, and help them believe in themselves. This is my second year teaching, so I’m still fairly new at it. With that being said, it has its challenges and isn’t always easy or filled with sunshine and rainbows. Yet, my drive to inspire young people to build their future keeps me motivated.” “I was born and raised in North Philadelphia and attended public school. I’ve experienced doubts about my capabilities and intelligence. However, a former high school teacher of mine later rekindled my belief in myself, leading me to discover my passion for working with my hands. This revelation took me to trade school, where I met my former school instructor, Mr. Jarrett, who’s now a mentor of mine. He recognized my potential and encouraged me to consider teaching. Prior to teaching, I was doing general contract work and residential plumbing service calls, and even now, I’m still taking on side jobs whenever I can. I can’t fully say teaching is my calling yet, but I know my purpose is to make an impact on others, and my goal is to always uplift and motivate students to be the best they can be. I’m currently teaching a plumbing program at a high school in the heart of an area affected by the opioid epidemic, in Kensington and Allegheny. 
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 Life as a Journeyman & Data Center Project Manager 

Interview by Catrina Alexandre w/Gabrielle Saylor
Gabrielle is an Data Center Project Manager & Inside #Journeyman Wireman out of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 613, Atlanta, GA & amazing #BlackWomenInConstruction. Gabrielle was awarded the Apprentice of the Year for the graduating class of 2020, and was the FIRST African-American woman to be awarded such. She also sat on the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee and is the #President of the Electrical Workers Minority Caucus (EWMC), Atlanta Chapter. She has specialty certifications in Electrical Vehicle #Infrastructure, Fiber Optics, PLC motor controls, and Fire Alarm. With her Masters in #Construction Management from New York University and her Bachelors in International Relations from Boston University. Gabrielle previously worked on the client side of construction where she managed tenant build-outs and construction bids for the Northeast region of the United States. Gabrielle brings a unique viewpoint to #electrical work having previously managed entire construction projects from the client side. She is passionate about expanding women's roles in all sectors of construction
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 Life as an Environmental Engineer 

Interview by Catrina Alexandre w/ Michelle A.
#BlackWomenInConstructionWe are talking being a black woman in construction, STEM, engineering & managing multi-million dollar project while embarking on lifeslife's hardest job: motherhood.  

We are talking being a black woman in construction, STEM, engineering & managing multi-million dollar project while embarking on lifeslife's hardest job: motherhood.

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 Life as a Mechanic & life coach for tradeswomen

Interview by Catrina Alexandre w/ Louise Azzopardi
Louise has worked as a skilled Mechanic for many years. She started as a Mechanic at the astonishing age of 15. Her skills have gained immense recognition for her talent and expertise.  She represents Australia at the world skills competition for heavy vehicle mechanics. Louise is a great example of excellence and determination to succeed in a Male dominated field. Shes a mentor to #tradeswomen and women joining the industry. 
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 Life as an Master Welder & Ironworker 

interview by Catrina Alexandre w/ Lashanna Ingraham. 
She's a skillful & experienced welder and ironworker. Lashanna recently was a cast member of HBO & Discovery Channel show, Surviving The Raft.
She's a talented welder who is diversing the Construction industry. 
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Life as a HVAC contractor & Union tradeswoman 

Interview w/ Catrina Alexandre w/ Rochelle
Rochelle is a talented  HVAC contactor. She's the 1st licensed black woman owned HVAC company in St.Louis. We will talk about Rochelle evolving in construction field, being 1st woman in her Union, opening her own HVAC company . She Invested time and knowledge to one of the top ranked contractors in her state.  
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