Secure the Bag Chronicles #1

Secure the Bag Chronicles #1

    Black Women In Construction goal is to provide resources to secure the bag. New opportunity alert from Dr. Umar Johnson FDMG All Boys Scool. Don't miss an opportunity 

Bids are being accepted for Dr Umar johnson school for boys. Priority is given to #blackownedbusiness. The school Is Looking for #HVAC #plumber #locksmith #signcompany #electrician #painters . Contact @drumarjohnson on his social media  platforms or the foundation for more details.

Little info about the school.
The FDMG’s curriculum focus for this all boys school:
It's  located in Willmington Delaware .
The school will teach six key sciences.
1.       Economic & Financial Science
2.       Dietary & Nutritional Science
3.       Science of the Community and family
4.       Political Science
5.       Spiritual Science
6.       The Science of Being Men
The curriculum also includes the study of African languages, African martial arts, a focus on community service 

Let us know when you secure the bag or have resources to help another person

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