Welcome to the Party!

Welcome to the Party!

        Welcome to a space of understanding, knowledge and open communication. Our mission is the sharing our truths working in the construction industry and in our day to day lives. We want to offer a unfiltered and unapologetic viewpoint of our lives in the industry. 



    2020 has definitely been an eye opener in all aspects. We would like to send our deepest condolences and sympathy to those who have passed from the pandemic and other causes. We want to send love and support to everyone who has been affected by police brutality, racial bias or discrimination. We have been traumatized and subject to discrimination for too long. Please unit together to stop discrimination in all facets including construction. Honestly, speaking construction has not conveyed a diverse array of people in the C Level or higher management. We need to see diversity in all levels of construction hiring. We are living in an era of enlightenment in society. Positive Reconstructive Change to our community. 

Are you ready for the changes which will occur in the industry? 

Welcome to an era of new women in construction making changes 

Welcome to the party 

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Awesome! I’m a realtor working with a property manager currently.

April Bennett

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